PTA Membership Drive

Help us reach our goal of 100% membership! What does 100% membership mean? For every student, there is at least one parent member of PTA.

Last year we exceeded our goal and hope to do even better this year!

Make sure you complete a membership form at our next event and make your $7.00 minimum donation. If you ever wondered what that money is for, well, $1.50 goes to the Georgia PTA and $2.25 goes to support the National PTA. The remaining $3.25 goes directly to support Mableton Elementary. That’s why we ask for a minimum of $7.00 to join, and are always excited to receive a donation that goes above and beyond. Donations are easy to make, just look for the donation widget on the right side of the page.

If you can’t wait until the next event to join up, you don’t have to. You can join now.
Join PTA Now

Here a quick video to about just some of the value that PTA provides

Mableton Elementary PTA Local Unit 1706 Membership History

2012-13 835 Members

2011-12   513 Members

2010-11    480 Members

2009-10     340 Members

2008-09    292 Members

2007-08    207 Members

2006-07    239  Members

2005-06    180 Members