Fall Fundraiser 2013


We’re at 30% of our $10,000 goal. We’re making progress but we still need your help. We are extending the Direct Donation part of the fundraising drive until Friday, Nov. 22. Your student, teacher, and grade still have a chance to qualify for some awesome prizes.

Don’t forget: If your employer offers matching charitable contributions, please remember to apply for those to increase your donation total. We use every dollar raised to maintain the current level of services provided to our students and staff; including the Accelerated Reader program and the Science experiment backpacks.

Donations will be pooled if the student’s name is listed on the donation form. Please forward this email to your address book or post it on your Facebook page. Even if just a few of your Facebook friends from around the world donate, all of those donations will go towards determining whether your student can participate in the epic Silly String battle with Mrs. Eisgruber and Dr. Maynard or win an Apple iPod Touch.

Direct Donation Form 2013

Thank you to everyone who has already generously donated to the Mableton PTA Fall Fundraiser.



Help us meet our financial goal through selling trash bags or by a direct contribution campaign to raise money for our general fund. The choice is yours; you can sell bags or collect tax-deductible donations, or do both. This year we hope to maintain our current level of services, support, and educational enrichment provided to our students and staff.

Our goal is to raise $13,000 for the general fund to meet our planned expenses. If each family will contribute a $13 tax-deductible gift per student, we can raise enough to meet this goal.

Bag Sale

This year we have decided to sell trash bags for the Fall Fundraiser in addition to our regular direct donation drive.

These are quality bags suitable in size and strength for our trash needs and the yard work we will be starting soon. Check the samples of these bags in the school lobby and see the quality for yourself. They are twice as thick as Hefty’s bags. There are four different sizes of bags available, but they all cost the same … only $13.00 per roll.

  • White – 15 gallon (tall kitchen) 65 bags per roll
  • Yellow – 39 gallon 25 bags per roll
  • Red Holiday – 39 gallon 25 bags per roll
  • Blue – 55 gallon (super size) 16 bags per roll

The Red Holiday bags can wrap large, odd-size gifts or be used at a holiday party.

We are taking orders from 10/18/2013 through 11/08/2013. Money is to be collected when the order is taken. Checks can be made payable to Mableton Elementary PTA. Please return the order form and money by 11/08/2013. The bags will be available for pick-up 11/15/2013. Please note that 1 case of bags (10 rolls) weighs approximately 50 lbs. Your order will need to be picked up at school, as the rolls of bags are too heavy to send home with your child.

Please support us in this effort to make this project a success. Buy your bag supply from us and offer them to relatives, friends, and neighbors. If you want to go door-to-door in your neighborhood, please have an adult accompany your child.

PTA Bag Sale Intro Letter
PTA Bag Intro Letter – Spanish
Order Form

Direct Donation

If you’d prefer not to sell bags, we’re also offering a direct donation option similar to last year. Just ask family and friends to make a small contribution to support our school. Please remember, NO DONATION AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL and every bit helps the classrooms and students of MES.

Direct Donation Form 2013

Fabulous Prizes

To reward students for their fundraising efforts we have several prize levels this year.

  • Each classroom with 100% participation (each student selling at least 1 roll or raising $13) wins an ice cream treat at lunch
  • Sell 5 rolls or raise $65 and participate in the STEM Mentos & Diet Coke Extravaganza and a drawing entry for a Kindle wifi 6″
  • Sell 10 rolls or raise $130 and participate in a Silly String Battle with Mrs. Eisgruber and Dr. Maynard and a drawing entry for 2 lower level tickets to ATL Hawks game
  • Top selling or fundraising class overall wins a Pizza Party with Mrs. Eisgruber during lunch
  • Top student seller or fundraiser in each grade wins Custom Design Zip Hoodie
  • Top student seller or fundraiser in school wins Apple 16 gb iPod Touch 5th generation

There are even prizes for the staff too!

  • Every Teacher in the top selling grade is entered into a drawing for $50 Gas Card
  • Top selling or fundraising employee wins two Regal Movie passes and dinner card or $50 donation to charity of choice
  • Top four employee sellers win a Custom Design Zip Hoodie

If you have any questions about the Fall Fundraiser, please contact our fundraiser chair: email Rebecca Hollis or call (678) 662-6588.